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Friday, August 26, 2016
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Trips By Ken McFarland
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Greece - May 2007
Alaska - June 2006
Dancing in Scotish Castles - 2004
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Trips by Ken McFarland. Ken organizes tours for Scottish Country Dancers and English Dancers.
 My Dances
Here are some dances that I have devised. I hope you enjoy dancing them. Please drop me an email to let me know your thoughts.

Cell Phone Jig - a simple dance using only right hands (left hand is free to hold a cell phone).

Dancing On Mount Tamalpias - a strathspey in a square set with progression by a modified Highland Schottische Poussette.

Double Fifty - a jig for five couples with several double figures (double figures of eight, double double triangles, double circles, and double poussette).

Humphrey's Reel - a dance I devised after learning dolphin reels. You can think of it as Pelorus Jack goes to Mairi's Wedding to get an idea.

Miss Ingrid's Strathspey - this was inspired by Belladrum House; bars 9-16 insist that one does Highland Schottische Setting.

Patti's Pleasure - this 32 bar strathspey includes box setting and a figure eight grand chain.

Pia's Welecome To San Francisco - this 32 bar strathspey includes Pia's 'Kilt Pin Link and Set'.

Sandra's Strathspey - this 3x48 strathspey offers both great opportunities for covering with other couples and partner appreciation.

A Strathspey for Julie - a three couple set dance including a 3 couple reel with all couples in promenade hold.
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